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Some advice for future dogs‘ owners

Some advice for future dogs‘ owners

If you want to have a lively, sociable, playful and friendly dog, you should pay attention how it feels.

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It doesn‘t matter that you have a spacious living place but the dog rarely sees you, you don‘t go for a walk with it, your dog will be very unhappy. It will be much more unhappy than the dog that lives in a cramped apartment. The last one has more opportunities to meet its master, to go for a walk with him, to be combed, fed and washed.

It is not forbidden to keep the dog tied to the kennel but don‘t forget that sometimes it has to be walked, you have to socialise with it. You should do that twice everyday and it shouldn‘t matter the weather conditions. It is not right all the time let your dog run freely with masters commands. As a result, later it won‘t listen to its master‘s commands.

If you want to protect your furniture from the damaging while keeping the dog, it is adviced to have an appropriate size cage. If the dog gets used to the cage, it will be safe to leave it in there while the master is not at home. The master won‘t be worried that his dog will eat away his possessions, furniture or wires that could be fatal.

It is advised to accustom the dog to the cage little by little. At first, feed it there, keep its toys and don‘t leave the dog closed in the cage for a long time.

To sum up, even though there are a lot of dogs for sale but the one you will choose should be kept with responsibility and care.